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Having just setup Office 365 on my Godaddy account I have a few suggestions.
1) Pre-sales support assured me that I could setup multiple domain accounts in Office 365. This is not the case. All aliases must be from the same domain. You can probably still setup forwarders outside of 365 to get the email in the account but it is not supported directly.
2) The DNS setup is very specific and must be setup exactly as specified, except... since the setup takes 20-30 hrs customers with existing email accounts should keep a secondary (or primary) MX record to route their email to a working account to avoid disruption. If you set the Office 365 MX as primary it won't function until the account is fully setup because the A record it uses is setup by Microsoft when the account is created so emails will just fail over to the backup MX until the account is created. I set it up this way and support told me they couldn't create my account until I removed my backup MX but I found a support tech (April) who understood the need and set the account up for me. This should be standard practice.
3) the account setup screen give you a little "Switch to Office365" button which shows you the correct DNS settings. It looks like a canned FAQ but it is actually dynamically generated with your correct settings so read them closely. Also, clicking Done doesn't just close the FAQ but also puts in a background request to re-check the DNS settings. This is not at all clear from the user's perspective. It doesn't appear to do anything but it does put something in motion to re-check the settings holding up the account creation.

Now that the service is all setup it is working quite well.

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    If I purchase O365 through GoDaddy can I assign a different partner of record later on?

  • Maryann Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm trying to add an email box to our website for each partner in the business and any management employees of our Lodge. Also, I need to get an "under construction" sign up for the site, so it is live and people see we are building the site. We are taking over an old Alaskan Lodge that has not been very actively marketed and we are changing the image and bringing it back to life. We take over November 1st and need to get some recognition out there before snow machine season and tourist season next year. We also need to find a booking engine so we can accept reservations online as well...
    Thanks for asking David, I'm an RN by trade, but this web stuff is like greek to me. The budget is tight, so I am doing a LOT myself and trying to work my way through it.
    I appreciate your help and look forward to a long relationship with Go Daddy!

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