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Fix, or better handling of sync errors (OneDrive for Business)

Currently when the OneDrive for Business local app has issues with sync related things it does not handle those issues very well. Or in a meaningful easy to resolve manner
I have had 4 issues with syncing items. Most of which either give no clear solution or the solution is cumbersome.
Note: I currently am using OneDrive as source control and project storage for mostly code and images. Below is a bulleted list of items I am struggling with. I can provide screenshots of all the below listed items if necessary

1. Character length on file names is 256 character. That includes the nested and nesting directories. This is incredibly small especially when considering that many coding projects have several layers of nested directories. Which makes it difficult picking names. For example “Onedrive\USER Name\Coding_Projects\Games\Project name\Assets\Visual Assets\Prefabs\VisualEffects\Explosions\Explosion_Enemy001\” is getting on the long side to where I would have to start worrying about name length. This is just one example of this happening.

2. Conflict errors. I have 3 workstations that use a shared OneDrive folders. When I do say a camera dump into the pictures directory, when those items sync they end up with conflicts, especially if one workstation (laptop) disconnects during the sync. Not that this is not abnormal, (conflicts) but when it comes to handling these, the program requires you to open and actively re-save all the conflicting items, rather than auto saving a ‘conflict-{date}-image.jpg’ of the file in question.

3. Unknown errors. These are surprisingly common. “File cannot be uploaded due to an unknown error, please try again later” I see this on potentially hundreds of files, with no explanation of how or why this cannot be done. For example pretty much every ASPX type file cannot be uploaded as is. Source or not. OneDrive just does not like them. Likely because technically the OneDrive storage location is technically web space. But this makes it difficult for developers to maintain their source code.

4. Lastly visually tagging the update of things that are synced versus those that are not, is extremely slow. This makes it very difficult to rapidly see the trouble spots. Going through the troubleshooting interface for OneDrive is also slow and unhelpful. Since you have to wait for several seconds each scroll to see if the file is or is not synced. This may be a windows 8.1 limitation but it makes it difficult to fix issues.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these issue. I truly want to replace another synced online storage software, but I am but a small developer/photographer and thus cannot afford a team foundation server. It was said by the kind folk at GoDaddy that source control via OneDrive was a viable alternative. However in light of the above issues, (as well as other minor issues) I am no longer certain.
Thank you for any help you can render with the above listed issues

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