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Open another mail box option error

I want the ability to check two emails at same time and don't want to forward the emails to do it. I see it's an option in the system, but when I try it keeps getting a error.

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  • AdminSpencer Hunter (Admin, GoDaddy) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Thanks for reaching out.

    To use the Open another mailbox feature you must first grant mailbox delegation permission. Here are instructions:

    1. As an Office 365 admin, login to OWA
    2. Go to this URL:
    3. Navigate to Recipients > Mailboxes
    4. Edit the mailbox that you want to access
    5. Navigate to Mailbox delegation, scroll to Full Access (at bottom of window)
    6. Click the + sign to add a delegate user

    The delegate user will now have the ability to Open another mailbox from OWA.

    Another cool trick is adding the delegated mailbox as a shared folder. This allows you to quickly jump into the mailbox from your primary OWA inbox.

    1. When logged into OWA click More under Folder (left side of screen)
    2. Right click on the display name (usually the mailbox owners name) and choose Add shared folder..
    3. Enter the delegated mailbox and click Add

    The delegated mailbox will now appear as a sub-folder on the left side of the OWA interface.

    Spencer Hunter

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