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Allow third-party affiliate tracking code on order confirmation page

Since you are not allowing to insert html or javascript codes in header or footer of storefront and cart, it has become difficult to track with the affiliate tracking codes / html tags or image tags that third-party affiliate site like commission junction, share-a-sale, etc. has given me. I don't know which of my affiliate has given me the lead or sale.

My suggestion: After successful payment on cart.secureserver.net domain, redirect the customer to new page on www.secureserver.net/order and allow resellers to enter their html code, tracking code (as this will be the last page any customer will visit after purchase) thus we'll come to know that the sale has been taken place and likewise we can track it on third-party affiliate program.

If you think that allowing javascript or third-party tracking will be security risk, then you can allow us to add a html code only, where we can redirect our customer to custom-page on our custom domain and thus tracking will be successful.

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  • el Rafa commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Muchas gracias to the Reseller Team for working on this - and for recognizing its importance!

  • Karl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is currently my top request. The ability to track conversions on the order page has been available since 2003 and was removed in late 2017. I have built my entire business around spending online marketing dollars and tracking conversions. Without this functionality I am essentially flying blind.

    Since this functionality was available in the past, I am not sure why it wouldn't be available now. My suggestion would be:

    1: Add the Google Analytics code script the same way it is added on other pages.
    2: Allow users to enter their Google Ads event snippets Java Script code.

    If there are security concerns with Java Script, you could still allow users to enter the old "noscript" AdWords image tag. Most other affiliate programs also have a "noscript" option.

  • paulo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Including Google Analytics tags - which you already embed in the product store and domain search but not the cart/checkout.

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